In Honor of Our Heroes: 3 Great Reasons Why Military Spouses Are Workplace Superstars


MSEP Memeorial Day 2018 Post

As we remember our fallen heroes this Memorial Day, we would also like to shine the light on their spouses and comrades whose hearts were and are with them on the battlefield. Our military personnel and their families make great sacrifices for our country and AppleOne is committed to doing everything we can to support them. Our partnership with the Military Spouses Employment Program (MSEP) ensures that military spouses can find high-quality jobs that allow them to reach their full career potential.

For employers seeking highly committed, passionate, and resilient additions to your team, hiring veterans and military spouses could be a smart strategy. Companies large and small throughout the US have successfully implemented military-spouse hiring programs and are seeing the benefits, both in employee morale and the financial bottom line. Below are key traits that make military spouses ideal additions to your team:

  1. Diverse skills and experience: Due to constant mobility, military spouses have often found themselves contributing to their household funds by taking on odd jobs. They are the pioneers of what is now called the “gig economy,” working short-term jobs. As with most job seekers who don’t want to appear like they are job-hopping or cannot keep jobs long-term, military spouses often leave out what employers might consider to be valuable or highly specialized work experiences. In the same vein, employers who dismiss candidates that appear to have sporadic employment due to the military way of life may be missing out on hiring a valuable, battle-tested employee. 
  1. Calm efficiency under pressure: Military spouses are the opposite of complacent. They are always on the ready in case of a relocation or the need to act swiftly. Employers looking for talent who can keep their composure and positivity, maintain confidentiality, and take initiative will appreciate the security and stability that military spouses bring to the table.
  1. Adaptability and flexibility: Not many civilians can quickly pack up their lives, move their children to new schools mid-semester, and adjust to a new culture. And yet, military spouses do this on a regular basis while also managing to keep their families’ lives organized and comfortable. More than that, they adapted and rebuilt their interpersonal networks to reestablish themselves and start their lives all over. While many civilian employees strive to be flexible, patient, and resilient on the job, military spouses have learned to be that way out of necessity – a great advantage for employers seeking employees able to thrive with change rather than being overwhelmed by it.

Military spouses are an often-overlooked workforce. They are the men and women who literally held the home front and developed and possess skills, experience, and work ethic that would make them immediate assets and even MVPs for many companies.

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