AppleOne Welcomes 2018’s Intern-to-Dream Summer Program Participants


On Monday, June 11th, AppleOne will be welcoming 21 students during the Intern-to-Dream Summer Orientation. Now on its second year, the Intern-to-Dream Internship Program is a vital component of AppleOne’s commitment to building opportunities for the next generation of talent.

As in the previous year, the program has attracted exceptional STEM-focused undergraduates from over a dozen of California’s top universities. This year’s participants were selected from 500 applicants. To kick of the event, Janice Bryant Howroyd, ActOne Founder and CEO, will be giving the keynote speech. Bernie Howroyd, AppleOne Founder, and Brett Howroyd, AppleOne President, will also be welcoming more than 50 attendees including university officials and the interns. “The schools we’re working with have provided us some of the nation’s most excellent candidates,” says Brett Howroyd. “We are thrilled to continue to promote healthy career opportunities for these talented students; especially in STEM and STEAM job exposures.”

During their 12-week internship, students will be working within the company’s Recruiting, Marketing, Social Media, IT, Employee Relations, and Accounting teams. They will be exposed to real-world work situations, follow a professional development curriculum, be trained in the hiring process, and ensured meaningful work. They will also be receiving one-on-one mentoring for leadership skills, and will be working on a career-goal specific final project that they will present to the executive team on their graduation. The intended outcome is that by August 15th, we will be applauding 21 career-confident AppleOne ambassadors who have acquired strong, transferable professional skills.

“Our Intern program is about mentoring. More importantly, it’s also about sponsoring,” says Janice Bryant Howroyd. “Mentoring is having the right conversations with a mentee; sponsoring is having the right conversations about them, to support their network and growth!”

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