Reentering the Workforce? How to Fill Gaps and Add New Skills on Your Resume


Are you thinking about dipping your toe back into the job market after a little time away? It is a great time to do it. The job market is red hot, but how do you keep the summer you took off to be with the kids, or that extended sabbatical from becoming a red flag for employers?

Daily Tech Skills Can Translate Well to Your Resume

You can develop tech skills outside of a professional environment. Before you dismiss the idea that you lack the tech skills companies are currently seeking, consider programs and software you have used. As Sheri, an AppleOne Branch Manager, reminds us: “Consider what computer skills you used to keep things organized. Did you manage a family budget using Excel? Did you teach yourself the formulas necessary to do this? Many people also use Quickbooks to manage finances, which is definitely a skill that can come in handy in your job search. “

Volunteer Work Can Help Fill Both Experience and Skill Gaps

Volunteering is good for the soul and the resume. If you are going to have employment gaps in your resume, Hiring Managers like to see that you were staying busy and expanding your skill-set. Volunteering shows an initiative to get out and accomplish something, plus it puts you into an environment where you are learning something new. Make sure you also list any skills that you gained from the experience, be it teamwork, techniques, or technology. Volunteering is also a wonderful place to meet people who have connections, as you may be rubbing elbows with department heads who are volunteering with their teams, or people who may hold some weight in the hiring process.

New Acquaintances Can Help You Find Your Next Job

Referrals can help you increase your chances of being hired by 300%, and the easiest way to get one is to turn to friends, family members, and other acquaintances who may have an “in” somewhere. Some of the people you met during your sabbatical may work in your target industry, or at least know a guy who knows a gal who has an in. Make them aware of your intentions to reenter the working world, either by contacting them directly, or by sending out a blast on social media.

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