What to Buy the Job Seeker in Your Life


Looking to get a useful holiday gift for those in your life who are currently looking for a job? As Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, here are some great items to pick up for those who are on the search for a new career opportunity.

New Portfolio or Satchel

Job seekers need to come to their interview prepared, and because walking in with a loose stack of resumes is a no-no, a professional-looking satchel or portfolio is must-have for every job seeker. If you are looking for a useful gift, a modest, professional bag is a perfect option, plus it will be useful long after the job search is over.

Gift Cards for Needed Interview Items

Some people love gift cards more than others, but in terms of getting job seekers exactly what they need for their upcoming search, gift cards will be a welcome gift. Cards to places that sell interview clothing are good, but so are cards to places that offer services job seekers will need before or after an interview. Consider getting them a gift card for professional hair styling, or one for a dry cleaner. If the job seeker does not drive you can also purchase a card for a ride sharing service, so they can get to their interviews without having to worry about public transit.

Coffee Shop Gift Cards

Sitting in the same room all day can be a drag, especially when you are engaged in a job search. Getting out of the house and into a new location is one of the best things a job seeker can do, and there are few places better suited for this than a coffee shop. Not only are there endless amounts of caffeine, but there is also Wi-Fi and an energy that you just aren’t going to feel at home. A gift card to a local coffee shop is going to be a welcome surprise for any job seeker.

Some Printing Help

Nobody is claiming that a box of ink cartridges is the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list, but for job seekers it may be the most valuable gift they receive this year. Every time a candidate goes on an interview they have to print out at least six sets of cover letters and resumes and running out of ink can be a nightmare scenario. If you don’t know what type of printer they have, a gift card for an office supply store is always good, as are printing services like Kinko’s or Staples that can be used in a last second pinch.

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