Ready to Jump Back Into the Professional World? Three Tips for Hitting the Ground Running

Looking to jump back into the job market after some time off? Whether you took an extended sabbatical or just the summer, the idea of dipping your toe back into the job pool can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Luckily, it’s a lot easier than you would think, especially if you do these three things:

Start With a Plan

Job searches are always easier when you have a structured plan in place. Reading through endless job boards will quickly lead to burnout, and applying randomly to jobs that may or may not be in your wheelhouse isn’t helpful. Start your search by crafting a plan of action, figuring out which fields you want to work in, and the job titles you will be targeting. Consider making a list of target companies you want to work for, and any specific “wants” and “needs” that can help you decide whether a position is right for you. Essentially, you want to pare down your search so that you are focusing your time on jobs that fit with your skills and career objectives.

Fill Your Resume with Your Experiences and Skills Gained During Your Time Away

Worried about job gaps? Hiring Managers know that experience comes from all kinds of different experiences. Whether you gained important skills in a paid position, volunteering, or in training, doesn’t matter; having those skills and experiences does. If you have a gap in your resume, consider what you did during that time that might be of interest to the Hiring Manager. Did you volunteer? Take a class? Participate in a community group? If you gained valuable skills and experience through any of these means, put it on your resume. Hiring Managers want to see growth over time, and volunteering two days a week at a local charity may illustrate desirable hard and soft skills.

Use Temp Work to Your Advantage

While you may not be aiming for temp work as you reenter the workforce, being open to it is extremely beneficial. First, if you aren’t completely sure what you want to do, temp jobs allow you to “try out” some professions to see if they are right for you. While you try the field out, you can also learn valuable skills that will make finding a full-time job easier. Secondly, temp jobs are a great way to make money while you are still looking for a permanent position. You may not want to jump at the first position that comes your way, so having a steady paycheck can help you wait until you find that perfect job. Additionally many temp jobs transform, or lead to a full-time position with the employer.

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