The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Lie On A Resume

Are you considering stretching the truth a bit on your resume? Do you think adding a little extra pizazz will get you an interview?

When you find a job that you’re nearly perfect for, but missing a few of the desired skills or experience, it can be tempting to fib a little. If a little white lie puts you over the edge, it’s worth the risk, right?

In a world where experience and education can be checked in the blink of an eye, lying on your resume is never worth it. Furthermore, and this is the kicker, it’s completely unnecessary.

One of the most prevalent employment myths out there is that companies will only consider those who are the perfect fit for the job. This is simply not true. The Hiring Manager would love to be able to choose from ten perfectly suited candidates who check every box, but the reality is, according to a CareerBuilder study, nearly 60% of Hiring Managers can’t find a single candidate who meets all of their desired prerequisites. This means a majority of Hiring Managers are considering candidates who lack either a certain skill or experience. Additionally, according to Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), nearly 85% of companies are willing to train new hires that they believe can grow into the role.

While the temptation to fib on your resume is understandable, it’s simply not worth the risk, nor is it even the best way to get the job. Crafting your resume towards your strengths, showing your enthusiasm to learn, and ability to thrive in the position is a much better way to get yourself that interview.

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