Using Flexible Scheduling To Stretch Your Recruiting and Retention Leverage

Employee Perks Non Monetary

Even as the holiday season is underway, many companies are already laying out their 2016 strategies. If hiring or retaining employees is on your list but having the budget to beat competitors is not exactly in the books, no need to worry. According to the findings of our 2016 SCALE Salary Guide, flexible hours is a non-monetary perk that many employees desire but not enough employers offer. Continue reading “Using Flexible Scheduling To Stretch Your Recruiting and Retention Leverage”

Make Candidates Love Your Company


With hundreds of thousands of jobs being added to the market each month, job candidates have more options to choose from than they have in years. Because of this, it is vital that you make candidates fall in love with your company during the job search and interview process. It is not just about having a strong corporate image; it is about the little things that you do as well. Here are three ways to make a candidate fall in love with your company: Continue reading “Make Candidates Love Your Company”

Attract the Best Candidates: Market Your Opportunity to Beat the Competition

Our clients have shared that a part of their plan to sustain during the recession had been to downsize. And that now they are working towards growth as a strategy. Because productivity is maxed out, they need to hire highly productive key talent. Unfortunately their competitors have the same plan to hire the same great person, which means that anyone who is good at what they do is getting hired quicker than ever before. Continue reading “Attract the Best Candidates: Market Your Opportunity to Beat the Competition”

Filtering for the Best: Interview Intelligence from AppleOne SCALE

The Interview Structure

It is hard to compare multiple candidates if they are not asked the same questions and you record their specific replies. Interviews also include other qualification indicators such as the questions they ask you, body language, and personality style.

To complicate the qualifying process, employers are competing for talent and have to market their job opportunity at the same time they are evaluating the candidate.Although the interview is just one step in a long hiring process, it is a critical step. One key to a successful interview is to follow the same format with all candidates. Continue reading “Filtering for the Best: Interview Intelligence from AppleOne SCALE”

SCALE 2015: Great Hiring Resources at Your Fingertips

Every year, AppleOne publishes your Standards for Compensation And Leadership Excellence (SCALE) guide. Certainly it contains salary information, and our clients appreciate guidance based on real-world salaries as opposed to other inflated sources. However, we have always sought to go beyond a simple salary guide to bring you a resource packed with actionable ideas and information to help you achieve your management, recruiting and workforce goals.


This year, the SCALE is packed with valuable resources for hiring in the complex new talent marketplace — a hiring toolkit and checklist, with a worksheet for helping you determine if the time is right to grow, calculating the cost of leaving a position vacant, and much more.


Increased competition over the talent pool means you need to work harder to attract and keep quality people, and SCALE 2015 shows you how. 

Click here to request your 2015 SCALE today!

Questions to Consider Before Extending a Job Offer

According to a study for Harvard Business Review at least 1 in 5 candidates rejects a job offer. Recruiting requires a large investment of time, so you need to be sure your efforts are focused on candidates who are most likely to join your company. In today’s post, we are going to be outlining things to do before you extend a job offer to help increase your recruiting efficiencies. Continue reading “Questions to Consider Before Extending a Job Offer”

Become a Phone Screening Interview Expert

Mastering a phone screen process can maximize your and your hiring team’s time, and avoid wasting the valuable time and effort of your applicants, thus improving your employer brand in the mind of the public.

A phone screen or pre-interview call gives your team a chance to reduce candidates from the in-person interview that may seem like a fit on paper, but may not be in real life. Continue reading “Become a Phone Screening Interview Expert”

Making a Compelling Job Offer

As employers, we’ve all experienced that oddly miffed feeling that comes with finding a great candidate, extending a job offer and having the candidate react with reluctance, accept a counteroffer or take too long to respond.

Today’s tips focus on how to create a job offer they can refuse (we’re not the Mob!) but would never want to because it’s so well-tailored to address the candidate’s needs, wants and pain points. Continue reading “Making a Compelling Job Offer”

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