Want The Job? Three Important Tips for a Winning Resume


Do you have your eyes on a new job opening that’s right up your alley?  Are you looking to put together a resume that will grab the Hiring Managers attention and get your foot in the door? A winning resume is about more than just the skills and experience you have, it’s also about how you present them.  Here are three tips that will help you land that interview:

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Four Ways to Get the Most Out Of a Job Fair


Considering how much we rely on technology, it can be surprising that some of the best job search techniques were created long before iPhones and three-hour Avenger films. Networking, and making a one-on-one human connection, is still the most effective way to get a job, and there is no better place to do this than at a job fair. Wondering how to get the most out of your job fair experience? Here are four things you need to do:

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Why Following Directions May Be The Key To Your Job Search

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Let’s take a moment to recognize how much time and effort a Hiring Manager puts into filling an open position. From the moment the position is posted, up to calling the candidate to congratulate them on being hired, filling just one job may take a large portion of a Hiring Manager’s time for weeks on end.

Not surprisingly, Hiring Managers tend to create their own process for each new hire. This extends from how they receive applications to how they handle interviews. Whatever that Hiring Manager’s process, they have found these “rules” work best and they aren’t going to be shy about sharing them with candidates.  So, while the person who originally said “rules were meant to be broken” may have made a killing of T-shirt licensing, they probably weren’t very good at their job search. Here are three areas where following basic instructions will put you ahead of other job applicants:

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Three Things That Will Ruin Your Interview… Before It Even Starts


It would be a shame to put so much time into prepping for an interview, only to derail it because you made a mistake before you even had a chance to shake the Hiring Manager’s hand. Most of your attention is going to be on the face-to-face portion of your interview, but it’s worth remembering that your interview will start the moment you arrive on location. Here are three things that can ruin your interview even before you actually meet the Hiring Manager.

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Let’s Do Lunch (Interviews)


Would you like fries or a salad with your entree? How about a refill on your iced tea? These are not the type of questions you would typically be asked during a job interview, but in the case of a lunch interview, you can expect to hear them alongside “Tell me a little bit about yourself” and “What is your biggest weakness?” While you shouldn’t expect a lunch interview in your job search, they are common enough that you should know how to navigate them. Let’s tackle a few of the most commonly asked questions people have about these types of interviews:

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“What are your weaknesses?” How to Turn a Negative Question into a Positive Answer

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“What are your weaknesses?”

Nothing says fun like talking about your weaknesses during a job interview, amirite? Nobody wants to spend precious time during their interview talking about something negative, as doing so can make you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

Of course, Hiring Managers aren’t asking you this question because they want to see you sweat, they are asking because they want to make sure that you are self-aware enough to recognize that you have weaknesses, and that you took action to actually fix the issue. When you look at the question in this way, you can begin to see how this question is not to be feared, but instead embraced. In truth, the dreaded “weakness” question actually has the biggest upside of any question you’ll be asked during your interview.

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What Are Your Biggest Strengths? How to Answer the Most Common Interview Question

“What are your biggest strengths?” – Every Hiring Manager in Every Job Interview

According to Glassdoor, this is the most common interview question Hiring Managers ask during an interview. In other words: you will be asked this question, in some form or another.

So… how should you answer it?

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