Three of the Biggest Time-Wasters When Looking For a Job (And What to Do Instead)

Looking for a new job can feel like a full time job in itself. Like any job, you can only commit so much time to the grind before you start feeling burnt out. Job searches are full of time-wasting activities that can bring you down, so here are three of the biggest to avoid — and what you should do instead:

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Three Tips For Making A Switch To A New Field

As you progress through your career, your interests and goals will likely change. Maybe the long hours and traveling you relished early in your career are now taking their toll. Perhaps you feel as if the skills you’ve developed would be better utilized elsewhere. With new opportunities appearing every day, you may be interested in trying something new and transitioning to a new field. But how do you go about finding something in a field that may be foreign to you? Here are four tips that will help things go smoothly:

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Four Things You Should Never Do During A Job Interview

As you prepare for your job interview, it’s important to remember that you are being observed from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave the building. This isn’t meant to scare you, just remind you that your words and actions matter. Hiring Managers are looking for the right skills and the right culture fit, so small things might mean the difference between getting the job and going back to the drawing board. So what are the types of things that may turn off your Hiring Manager during an otherwise strong interview? Here are four red flags to avoid:

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How to Dress for a Interview at a Casual Company

Within the first 90 seconds of meeting a candidate, 33% of Hiring Managers reported that they have already determined whether or not they’d hire someone. First impressions matter and a large part of making a good first impression is in the way you dress. Tech industries and startups have a reputation for being cool and casual working environments, so you may wonder whether you should dress up—or actually dress down—for your interview? Before you start picking your wardrobe, here are three things to keep in mind:

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Four Things Santa Claus Can Teach You About Your Job Search

Santa Claus: giver of gifts, eater of cookies. Once a year he travels the world at roughly 5.1 million mph and delivers gifts to children across the planet. While he probably isn’t thinking about looking for a new job anytime soon (you try finding a job where you get to work from home 363 days a year), his actions can give you some nice tips for your own job search. So while sugar plums are dancing in your head, consider these four lessons Santa can teach you about finding your next job:

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Should you drink coffee before an interview?

Coffee. Nectar of the gods. Fixer of the morning. If you’re a coffee person, the day doesn’t begin until you’ve had a cup (or three). Of course, coffee affects different people in different ways, so while you may be an avid coffee drinker, having excess caffeine running through your system isn’t always helpful in everything you do. Take interviews for example. Should you really be drinking something that, studies have shown, triggers anxiety? While it truly does come down to personal preference (you know what you can handle), here are some tips on making sure that your coffee (or green tea) doesn’t get in the way of a great interview.

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